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Is it your dream to work in the game industry? In our game programme, one of the best in the world, you learn how to make interesting, attractive and, above all, playable games.

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typeregulier, 240 EC
start1 september
taalvolledig English
opleidingsduur4 jaar voltijd
Whether you want to be the best game play programmer, an award winning character artist or a Triple-A title winning producer, your path to success starts at International Game Architecture and Design in Breda.
Global Game Jam | Breda University of Applied Sciences
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Waarom aan de NHTV?

awardKeuzegids topopleiding
2018, 2019
awardKeuzegids topopleiding
  • Qualified as top-rated programme in 'Keuzegids HBO'
  • 83% of alumni are (very) satisfied with their study programme (source: 'HBO-Monitor')
  • Featuring all relevant game development skills for a true multidisciplinary education
  • 1-to-1 coaching by industry veterans
  • Latest development technology from Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft
  • Partnering with leading game companies worldwide such as Ubisoft and Guerilla Games
  • Directly access to the master in Game Technology at BUas


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opbouwCheck for more details about the programme.


specialisatie Visual Art

Designing artwork for the demands of the latest PC and console games is central to this discipline. You are creative, good at drawing as well as making animations, and you have a keen interest in technology.

specialisatie Programming

You will specialise in developing strong programming skills with a focus on C++. The experience gained from working on multiple game projects will prepare you for the demands of developing for the latest technology and game platforms.

specialisatie Design

Focusing on designing engaging player experience, you will develop a core knowledge of usability, interfaces, game systems, level design and plot creation as you design and make games across multiple genres and platforms.

afstudeerrichting Pre-master Strategic Business Management and Marketing (SBM)

Our academic Pre-master Strategic Business Management and Marketing (SBM) grants direct access to the Master of Science programmes in business related programmes at our academic partners and to our own Master of Science Leisure and Tourism Studies.

specialisatie Production

You will specialise in learning the skills of managing and planning a range of short-term (ad hoc) projects and large-scale triple-A projects.

specialisatie Audio

From the second year onwards you can specialise in creating audio for games. You will develop techniques for creating cutting-edge soundtracks as well as writing and editing music and sound.


taal van onderwijs100% en
case study, literature study, gaming, oral presentation, internship, computer exercise, research, research project, excursion, research proposal, tutorial, lecture, design project, working group, group assignment, portfolio, workshop, group discussion, self evaluation, individual assignment, practicum, self study, project, seminar
instruction modes
As the International Game Architecture and Design programme offers education in close collaboration with the games industry, it is highly practical. Guest lectures and field trips will be organised on a regular basis, and the placement and graduation project enable you to gain a total of twelve months practical experience in real-life, professional environments.
The staff is made up of many industry experienced professionals who have worked in the video game development industry prior to coming to BUas. In your first year you are partnered with one of your lecturers, who will meet with you throughout your education. Each student is assigned a mentor: this is your academic career coach who discusses your educational and occupational progress with you. Your personal mentor will continue to coach you through your specialisation and graduation stage.
study load
Students do receive a healthy dose of theory and an extensive amounts of practice and are forced to work constantly to achieve the proper standard set by the lecturer. The lecturers are all industry professionals, who use their lectures and lessons to not only give theory, but share personal experience of the pitfalls of game development, so that after this education, the students will emerge well prepared for the worst, and perform better in a team of professionals.
study abroad
Studying abroad for a while gives you an opportunity to broaden your horizons. You live in an international environment, meet people with different cultural backgrounds and accumulate knowledge. In addition, you will considerably enhance your command of modern foreign languages. The long and the short of it is that studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity... Why not seize it?!
bindend studieadvies
  • minimaal 60 EC in de eerste 12 maanden
In this programme you will be trained in creative, technological, and commercial skills. Game careers require you to have both a broad knowledge of game development and deep skills in your chosen area of expertise, such as 3D visual arts, high-end video game development, animation, audio, gameplay, level design, production, or programming.
Role based learning
The educational structure of this programme is Role Based Learning (RBL) and is based on Project Based Learning (PBL). This is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills in their chosen role by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge. The focus is on facilitating students to become self-driven learners that can analyse a problem and use all the resources around them to find solutions.

During your four years of study you will work in a simulated game development studio on different game projects. The majority of your time will be spent working on projects either individually or in groups, and attending workshops.

honours-/excellence program honours programme

For students who want to develop their talents even further, alongside their regular course of study, BUas has developed an honours programme.

By taking part in this programme, you will take your professional or academic knowledge and skills to a higher plan. With an honour's degree under your belt, you will be extra well prepared for further study or for your professional career.

The programme consists of various lectures, training sessions, assignments (individual or in groups), and individual coaching. These extra activities are an addition to the regular study programme. It is an English-taught track that starts just after the first year and continues right up to graduation.

Toelating en kosten


1 september 2019

aanmelding deadline : 15 januari 2019
wettelijk tarief : € 2083 (€1042 in het eerste jaar)
instellingstarief : € 9777
niet-EU/EER studenten : € 9777

1 september 2020

aanmelding deadline : 15 januari 2020
wettelijk tarief : € 2083 (€1042 in het eerste jaar)
instellingstarief : € 9777
niet-EU/EER studenten : € 9777

toelaatbare profielen
havo C&Mtoelaatbaar
havo E&Mtoelaatbaar
havo N&Gtoelaatbaar
havo N&Ttoelaatbaar
vwo C&Mtoelaatbaar
vwo E&Mtoelaatbaar
vwo N&Gtoelaatbaar
vwo N&Ttoelaatbaar
MBO niveau 4mbo 4 > admissible
except for the following programmes:
Handel en ondernemerschap
Economie en administratie
WO propedeusetoelaatbaar

This programme has got a selection procedure. Please check the website of Breda University of Applied Sciences.

studie kosten
bron: BUas Breda University of Applied Sciences
bedrag kostenpost
€ 75per jaar
€ 800studiematerialenper jaar

estimated monthly costs

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326kamerhuur in Bredarond het landelijk gemiddelde
172collegegeldop basis van € 2060 per jaar
80studieboeken en -spullen
77uiterlijkkleding, kapper, schoenen
132vrije tijdstappen, uit eten, vakantie
42vervoernaast de OV-kaart

€ 1194totale maandelijkse uitgaven landelijk gemiddelde is € 1181
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Studenten en studentenleven


780 studenten volgen deze opleiding
19% daarvan is vrouw
163 eerstejaars gestart in 2017
20% daarvan is vrouw
7451 studenten aan de BUas Breda University of Applied Sciences
57% daarvan is vrouw
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1/10 NHTV
Creative Media and Game Technologies
star Keuzegids topopleiding 2018
Keuzegids topopleiding 2019
€ 326 gemiddelde kamerhuur
163 eerstejaars
20% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
100% Engelstalig
2/10 HKU
Bachelor Crossover Creativity
€ 336 gemiddelde kamerhuur
98 eerstejaars
33% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
100% Nederlandstalig
3/10 HKU
Game Development
€ 336 gemiddelde kamerhuur
98 eerstejaars
33% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
100% Nederlandstalig
4/10 HKU
Interaction Design
€ 336 gemiddelde kamerhuur
98 eerstejaars
33% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
100% Nederlandstalig
5/10 HKU
Audio Design
€ 336 gemiddelde kamerhuur
98 eerstejaars
33% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
100% Nederlandstalig
6/10 HKU
Sound Design
€ 336 gemiddelde kamerhuur
98 eerstejaars
33% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
100% Nederlandstalig
7/10 HKU
Game Art
€ 336 gemiddelde kamerhuur
98 eerstejaars
33% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
100% Nederlandstalig
8/10 HKU
Game Design
€ 336 gemiddelde kamerhuur
98 eerstejaars
33% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
100% Nederlandstalig
9/10 HR
Creative Media and Game Technologies
€ 342 gemiddelde kamerhuur
70 eerstejaars
14% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
100% Nederlandstalig
10/10 Saxion
Creative Media and Game Technologies
gemiddelde kamerhuur
? eerstejaars
NAN% vrouw
? uur contacttijd/week
100% Engelstalig
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bron: Nationale Studenten Enquete
algemeen oordeel4.13.9
De Nationale Studenten Enquete is het grootschalige onderzoek van de overheid onder studenten in Nederland naar de kwaliteit van opleidingen aan hogescholen en universiteiten.
In 2017 hebben meer dan 280.000 studenten hun oordeel gegeven over hun studie en instelling.

Creative Media and Game Technologies aan de BUas Breda University of Applied Sciences is beoordeeld door 229 respondenten. Gemiddeld waarderen ze de opleiding met 4.1 uit 5.
bron: BUas Breda University of Applied Sciences 2019
studenttevredenheid 4.2 4
aantal eerstejaars 193 167
ervaren contacttijd per week 12-18 18-24
doorstroom naar tweede jaar 79% 71%
diploma binnen 5 jaar 41% 38%
doorstuderen 4% 6%
werk op niveau in 1,5 jaar 0

Studie in cijfers

In deze tabel staan resultaten van deze studie in cijfers uitgedrukt. Hiermee kan je vergelijken hoe deze opleiding het doet in vergelijking met dezelfde opleiding bij andere onderwijsinstellingen.

Na de studie

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As a graduate you will be equipped to enter a variety of programmer, design and visual artist related careers. In addition to the regular positions within the (console-based) games industry there are opportunities in the field of film special effects (VFX), web-based games and mobile games development.

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Beroepsperspectief / arbeidsmarkt

current job market
bron: arbeidsmonitor
€ 2121gemiddeld bruto maandloon
42%kans op een vaste baan
66%kans op een voltijd baan
58%kans op een baan op niveau
43%spreekt van "goede aansluiting arbeidsmarkt"
74%is tevreden over de studiekeuze

aansluitende masteropleidingen

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NHTVMaster Game Technology+ aanv. eisen
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Potentiële beroepen

sound designer
visual artist
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