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The planet needs problem-solvers. Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology (Milieukunde) will transform you into an ambitious environmental professional with a BSc degree.

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typeregulier, 240 EC
start1 september
taalvolledig English
opleidingsduur4 jaar voltijd
The local authority in a city wants to be CO2 neutral by 2040. You are part of a consultancy team. You find ways to reduce the energy consumption and utilise suitable sustainable energy sources. You research the availability of solar power, hydropower, geothermal power, wind power and biomass. Your solution is financially viable and accepted by both industry and the public. You take into consideration future developments, techniques and policies. You want to keep the planet safe for future generations. You are interested in science subjects and you have an open mind towards other cultures. You are a team player and, at the same time, self-motivated. And you are adventurous and independent. Through several projects and courses, you will learn about sustainable energy techniques, their suitability in specific situations, bio-based waste management, energy conservation, cost-benefit analyses, stakeholder analyses and also environmental policy and law. Given the international character of the student group, you will learn about these subjects in relation to different parts of the world. If you pass the programme, you will become a Bachelor of Applied Sciences (BAS).
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Waarom aan de Avans?

Our approach is personal and hands-on. Highly qualified lecturers provide personal coaching and guidance. ESSET (Milieukunde) is rooted in the natural sciences, offering real-world problems and project-based solutions. You will gain valuable career-oriented experience through projects for real clients, international excursions and 2 work placements abroad.

ESSET (Milieukunde) was voted best environmental sciences bachelor's degree by Keuzegids hbo 2019 and Elsevier's Best Studies 2018.


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opbouwFor Dutch students we offer some of the courses in Dutch alongside the English courses. In year one, you can choose to take some maths courses in Dutch. You can also choose to do some of the projects in Dutch project groups where you can speak and write in Dutch. We also offer courses in Dutch environmental law and policy that are compulsory for Dutch students.
1e jaar The first year focuses on basic skills. Like maths, chemistry, physics and biology. And on language and (intercultural) communication skills. We also introduce the main environmental issues. In the second year, you do advanced coursework and work on complex projects. New environmental areas of interest are introduced. Like biodiversity, bio-based economy, climate change, environmental simulation and geographical information systems. You also prepare for your work placement.
Laboratory skills I
Study supervision & self-development
Project: Carbon management
Applied mathematics
Introduction to environmental sciences
Intercultural communication
Laboratory skills II
Project: Water quality
Cell biology
Writing skills
Water treatment
Project: Residues2Resources
Environmental Chemistry II
Sustainable Energy
Presentation skills
Microbiology practical
Project: Air quality
Introduction to policy analysis/Inleiding bestuursrecht
Air pollution
Bio-Organic chemistry
2e jaar
Study supervision & self-development
Project: Soil quality
Spatial planning
Physical transport phenomena
Geographical information systems (GIS)
Soil science
Project: LCA in circular economy
Environmental communication
Sustainable development
Water management
Project: Energy feasibility analysis
Investment decisions
Climate change
Applied thermodynamics
Project: Risk and safety
EU and environmental law/omgevingsrecht
Environmental dynamic modelling
3e jaar
Track-specific Environmental Consultancy specialisation
4e jaar
Biobased Technology and Business Development minor or Environmental geography minor or Individual profile minor (exchange)
Graduation project


specialisatie Environmental Consultancy

Environmental Consultancy, part of year 3, focuses on environmental consultation, encompassing advanced courses, client-based projects, project management and professional communication skills.

This year 3 semester programme trains you to become a multidisciplinary professional, capable of fostering links between different disciplines while keeping a helicopter view on the whole project.

The topics of the programme will differ, based on the study track you have chosen in year 2. One track will focus on resource recovery and renewable energy, the other track will focus on climate change, water management and ecology.

The credit rating of this programme is 30 ECTS.

10 ECTS are covered by various in-depth courses. Knowledge exchange will be facilitated by means of progress meetings and consultation meetings with lecturers and fellow students.

18 ECTS are awarded for 2 projects in which groups of 4 to 5 students work on a specific topic. Workshops and field trips are included in these projects.

2 ECTS must be earned through elective courses and activities. These include the Individual Profile, a module that challenges you to organise your own activities.

The target groups for this semester programme are Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology (ESSET) students and students on the fast-track ESSET programme or the exchange programme of ESSET year 3.

minor Environmental Geography

This year 4 minor brings the subjects of the Environment, Geography and Informatics together to give you a better understanding of the impact that human societies have on nature.

Environmental geography is at the centre of this minor. Not only does it involve fieldwork and discovering the environment around us, but also management, analysis and visualization of geospatial data. You will also learn to make presenting your results in a convincing way an integral part of your work.

You will become acquainted with various aspects of environmental geography, including cartography, aerial photography, environmental investigations, laboratory and field work. In addition, there are various elective activities to choose from, including an excursion to Finland and an introduction to GIS systems.

This minor makes use of virtualization. This means you can follow all its modules either online or in the classroom. A Blackboard website is available for each project and each module. These contain all the materials, e.g. instructional videos, homework assignments, to enable you to study where and when you want. If you live too far from Avans to attend the project group meetings in person you can also attend them online.

minor Biobased Technology and Business Development

A switch to a more sustainable, biobased economy helps battle climate change and resource depletion. Join international students, lecturers, scientists and entrepreneurs in this year 4 minor.

What the world needs now more than ever are ways of exploring new sustainable technologies and an understanding of how to market these ideas and related products. During Biobased Technology and Business Development you will learn about these challenges in a multidisciplinary environment from both technical and economic points of view.

The core of the Biobased Technology and Business Development minor is a multidisciplinary group project, which involves working for a governmental organisation or company that wants to become more sustainable or further develop and implement a biobased technology. As a group, you will be asked to draw up a technical and business plan and to issue advice to your client. Your group will consist of 4 to 5 students with a variety of backgrounds in technical disciplines, environmental science and economics.

As a technical or environmental science student, you will take introductory courses on costs, investment decisions and marketing, and advanced courses on biobased technologies.

If you are a finance or economics student, you will take introductory courses on biobased technologies and sustainability, and advanced courses on financial management.


taal van onderwijs100% en
bindend studieadvies
  • minimaal 52 EC in de eerste 12 maanden

Toelating en kosten


1 september 2019

aanmelding deadline : 1 mei 2019
wettelijk tarief : € 2083 (€1042 in het eerste jaar)
instellingstarief : € 7969
niet-EU/EER studenten : € 7969

1 september 2020

aanmelding deadline : 1 mei 2020
collegegeld nog niet bekend

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80studieboeken en -spullen
77uiterlijkkleding, kapper, schoenen
132vrije tijdstappen, uit eten, vakantie
42vervoernaast de OV-kaart

€ 1194totale maandelijkse uitgaven landelijk gemiddelde is € 1181
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29703 studenten aan de Avans Hogeschool
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kamp BETA
Kamp BETA organises a freshers' camp for you as a science student at Avans University of Applied Sciences. A unique chance for you to get to know fellow students and learn to find your way around Breda. After all, there's a life outside the university! The 4-day programme is packed with a range of fun daytime and evening activities. Everything is taken care of so you don't have to worry about anything! To join up, visit the kamp BETA website (in Dutch).

The Avans School of Life Sciences and Environmental Technology has its own international student association: ESSENCE. Run by students, this association organises various social and educational activities throughout the year. Events include debates, excursions, movie nights, guest lectures and social events. The ESSET student community offers a very open, amiable and engaging environment and the student association definitely adds to this atmosphere.

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1/6 Avans
Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology of Milieukunde
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3/6 Saxion
Klimaat en Management (studieroute)
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5/6 VHL
Innovations for sustainability
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6/6 VHL
Sustainable Water Technology
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? uur contacttijd/week
100% Engelstalig
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Potentiële beroepen

environment-health-safety officer

You work in industry. You are responsible for a safe working environment for the employees of the company. You also have to make sure the company works within the boundaries of its environmental licence. You keep pushing the company to develop more sustainable production techniques.

environmental licensing officer in a government agency

Many industrial activities require an environmental licence. You work for the government to produce the environmental licence for a specific company. Or you check the company to see whether it meets the licensing requirements.

junior engineer

You work in a company's R&D department. You mainly assist colleagues with their projects but also do research into new developments. You may also be in charge of correctly carrying out a specific procedure.

policy development officer in a government agency

You work for a government agency where you have to determine how the government can achieve certain environmental goals. You also have to monitor implementation of the policy proposed and check whether you achieve the goals.

water board enforcement officer

You work for a government agency or a water board. You may be involved in water treatment techniques or in managing water quality and quantity.

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